12 Weeks to a Rewired "Retirement" by Cyn Meyer

12 Weeks to a Rewired "Retirement"

A step-by-step journey to creating your ideal retirement life


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By the end of this 12-week program, you'll discover a more energized, fulfilling and intentional "retirement" life. You'll not only have a clear sense of what matters to you during your next chapters, but you'll also have a personalized roadmap to reaching your goals. Included with this program are:

  • 6 online video modules
  • 6 personal 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Personalized roadmap to reaching your goals
  • Course materials and key exercises
  • Invaluable tools that you can use daily
  • Knowledge of Second Wind Movement's 4-part framework, which covers four core categories: community, growth, giving back and health
  • Lifetime access to your course modules
  • Daily support

You'll practice using powerful tools that will help you live out a well-balanced life across four core categories, so that you can take preventative measures in aging successfully. 

What's included?

Video Icon 5 videos File Icon 4 files


SWM Intro.mov
20 mins
SWM_course materials_intro_module 1.pdf
3.07 MB
SWM Module 1.mov
20 mins
Module 2 - Your Personal Roadmap: Reaching Your Goals
SWM_course materials_module 2.pdf
2.6 MB
SWM Module 2_reaching goals.mov
21 mins
Module 3 - The Importance of: Community + Relationships
SWM_course materials_module 3.pdf
1.9 MB
SWM Module 3_community.mov
22 mins
Module 4 - Expand Your Experiences + Your Growth
SWM_course materials_modulel 4.pdf
1.9 MB
SWM Module 4_growth.mov
18 mins

Let's Rewire Your Retirement

If you're looking for change and to improve your life you’re in the right place. And if you’re looking to set yourself up proactively for your best aging self, you're definitely in the right place.